Pictures on Glass

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Qualities of glass used for decoration have been appreciated already centuries ago, to mention just the role of stained glass. Nowadays thanks to new technologies glass is often used in interior design because it combines perfectly with modern decor, it visually refreshes the space and it can create a special atmosphere. According to connoisseurs glass is a substance with the fullest energy, combining all four elements: earth – quartz, fire – heat treatment, water – liquid form and air – transparent lightness. Maybe that’s why a glass decoration may speak to your imagination. Picture on glass attracts attention thanks to the effect of depth. It looks wonderful in representative rooms. Ideally smooth glass surface revives colours of print giving them intensity. Picture on glass is made of a safe tempered glass so it does not pose threat when in use. These types of pictures ideally combine with with a modern interior because they highlight their character and at the same time in an unconventional way they decorate a traditional interior producing this effect as a clash of styles. Prints on glass are pictures ideal for everyone!

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